It's Never a Gamble When You Bet On Yourself

Beautiful designs backed with crystal clear strategy are always a winning combo.

It's Never a Gamble When You Bet On Yourself

Beautiful designs backed with crystal clear strategy are always a winning combo.

Go girlfriend!

You’re going all in on your dreams, building a business doing exactly what you love.

  • You have invested time and money
  • Decided failure is NOT an option
  • Ready for a brand you can be proud to call all yours!

But things aren't playing out as planned

I know what it's like to be pumped to get started, but then sh*t happens that you didn’t expect…

You’re spending more time figuring out your brand than you are doing what you love.

You want visuals that look so good but you’re settling for DIY designs that are just good enough.

There are more ideas in your head than customers on your line or dollars in your bank.

Imagine Having a Homegirl who Can help You Through it All

That's Me! I'm your homegirl

I’m Tiera, a brand strategist and designer on a mission to help Black women entrepreneurs build brands they can bet on with confidence.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve been fortunate to work with organizations, both big and small, to create strategic campaigns that look great and get results. Now, I take the same pro strategies used by mainstream brands and apply them to the kinds of people I love most… ambitious Black women who are ready to bet on themselves.

My super power is helping women like you gain clarity and confidence in the brand you’ve built with your bare hands. I guide each of my clients through shaping a brand strategy and aesthetics that uncover their why, define their audience, manifest their vision, and create a roadmap to reach their goals.

Signature Services

Score A Winning Brand in Three Moves

1. Strategy

Trade confusion for clarity as we uncover your unique message, best people, and a polished plan to reach your biggest brand goals.

2. Branding

Bring your brand to life with a high quality logo and visuals that attract your ideal audience and paint you as the expert you are.

3. Websites

Turn your web address into a remarkable online home designed to convert browsers into buyers and clicks into cash.

Getting to Know Me

 I was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga, but spent nearly a decade in the DMV area. When I’m not on my Macbook, you can find me in my South Atlanta home with my husband and our dog, singing and dancing around the house, watching movies, eating tacos, and mixing up cocktails on our fully stocked bar.

Little Things I love

Fresh Flowers

Guilty Pleasure

Real Housewives of Every City

lifetime commitment

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

favorite Cocktail

Casamigos Margarita

passion & purpose

Helping Black Women Prosper

The Girl Code

Bet On My Brand® Creative Studio was built on these nine core values. 


Unapologetically bold. I am straightforward because nobody has time for games in their business. I live for the motto: Say what you mean and mean what you say.


We no longer shrink to occupy spaces we don’t fit in. We’re tired of waiting until we’re home to be ourselves. Breathe. There’s no code-switching here. Bet On My Brand is all about standing in its authentic identity and helping you shine in yours.


Clarity is the secret power to attracting wealth. I promise to help you do the work to get crystal clear on your vision. No confusion allowed. Get clear. Get paid.


I stand for working with amazing women. We compliment, not compete. We don’t compare our talents, we connect them to create a bigger impact on the world. When one wins, we all do.


When you look good, you feel good. That’s what I do for your brand. I help you show up as the expert you are and attract everything that belongs to you beautifully and boldly.


There’s no limit to what Black women can do. Creating is in our DNA. Through innovative thinking, intuitive design, and drawing inspiration from everywhere, lets develop your unique and unforgettable brand.


We don’t just want a piece of the pie. We want the whole thing because it’s what our people deserve. I’m helping rewrite the narrative to help Black Women get back as much as we give. 


Knowledge is power. For so long our ancestors were denied it. Now, we owe it to them to empower each other by exchanging what we know to grow. 


I eat, sleep, and breathe this business. I know you do the same for yours. When we get together I don’t just match your energy, I amplify it and help you display it for everyone to see.

"I want to be recalled as one who squared my shoulders in the service of Black women, as one who made us walk taller and envision greater for ourselves.”

Cicely Tyson

Why the Focus on Black Women?

Black women are 4.5 times more likely to start a business than anyone else.

We are the highest educated group in America and own more than a quarter of all women-led businesses. We’re motivated, fearless, and the stakes are higher for us. We’re tired of being overlooked and under-valued in the workplace.

And while our ideas and potential are limitless, our access to resources are not. Black women entrepreneurs are constantly underestimated, locked out of funding opportunities, and the do-it-on-our-own mentality can leave our businesses left behind.

It's Time We change the narrative.

Let’s seize the prosperity, freedom, and legacy we deserve by building powerhouse brands through laser-sharp strategy and unforgettable design. Let’s write our own stories by going all in on our dreams & building a business we’re proud of.

Are you with me?

Let’s get started on leveling up your brand. Book a Consultation Today!

Bet On My Brand® Creative Studio by Tiera Gray offers bold brand strategy, brand design, and website design to Black female entrepreneurs who are ready to bet on themselves.