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Five Reasons You Need a Brand Strategy

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What is brand strategy anyway?


Brand strategy is a plan for shaping the way people get to know your brand. It gives you clarity on what your business is all about, where it’s headed and the messaging + tactics you will use to communicate that to your audience. Some people get it confused with marketing, but that’s like landscaping your home. Starting with a brand strategy is more like building your house on a solid foundation. It’s a blueprint for the way your brand is represented across every touch point. You will use it to stand out and create long-lasting relationships with your clients.

A brand strategy will clearly define what your business does, why you do it, who you're for, and what makes you unique and worth notice.

So can you really afford not to have a brand strategy?! I don’t think so. That’s why I’ve listed below the top five benefits of putting a well-thought-out brand strategy in place.

1. You’ll be crystal clear on your “why”

Knowing your “why” means knowing your purpose. It’s the center of everything you do in your business and it keeps you going. But sometimes, we feel it in our hearts without ever putting it on paper and making it real. A brand strategy helps you get what’s in your head out to the world. It defines the core of your brand.

Creating one is like holding a mirror up to your business and getting up close with what you want others to see. You’ll have a greater understanding of your mission and a vision for where you’re headed. 

Brand strategies provide clarity and keep you focused no matter what is #trending. When you have clarity about your brand, you transcend trends and keep your customers coming back for the long haul.

2. You’ll build a tribe of loyal fans


Who is your customer? If you said everybody, everybody black, or every woman in America, sis, we need to talk. Your audience is a select group of people who have a very specific need or problem and you have the best solution. That’s why they’re out there, waiting to spend money with you.

When developing a strategy you will define and align with your ideal customer. You will gain a deep understanding of their biggest pain points and create ways to position your biz as the solution. This is also where you learn to turn away difficult and bad-fit people who only waste your time. Your strategy is the secret to attracting your dream customers and creating thriving relationships by building loyalty and trust.

3. You’ll stand out in a sea of sameness


You deserve to have the spotlight on your business. But, that won’t happen if it looks and sounds like everyone else’s. When creating a brand strategy you do the work to identify what makes your business unique and how you can boldly display that for the world to see. You’ll learn how to communicate your value in a way that gets you paid, using words that work with your audience.

4. You’ll get focused & stay focused


You probably have a lot of ideas, but every idea isn’t a good fit for your business. Having a brand strategy takes the guesswork out of choosing which ideas to run with because every decision should fit perfectly in your plan. You check new ideas and opportunities against your brand strategy the same way you check your outfit plans or new bae through the group chat. Either it passes or it won’t.

Brand strategy also helps you avoid the need to keep up with the Jones because when you know who you are, you don’t waste time trying to be like everyone else. You’re too focused operating in a manner that makes sense (and money).

5. Your audience will know what to expect from you.

We all have brands that we trust. When they drop something new, we’re reaching for our credit cards because we already know it’s about to be worth it. Then there are those brands we’re extra skeptical about. The ones we know will put out some BS just to make a quick buck.

A brand strategy helps you build trust with your audience much faster. They will get familiar with what you’re all about because you show up consistently. They will eat up your services and products without hesitation because they know who you are and what you offer. That means a bigger bottom line!

The Blueprint to Brand Strategy

Whew! I know the idea of developing a brand strategy can seem overwhelming. That’s why I am here. For years I’ve helped women like you get clear about their brand and get to the bag. I’m always sharing my PROVEN strategies from corporate marketing and entrepreneurship to help you too.

When you book a Brand Strategy session with me you get one-on-one brand strategy sessions to help you build a complete brand strategy framework from the ground up. We go over:

  1. Mission, vision, and values
  2. Your ideal customer and signature offer
  3. Messaging and positioning strategies
  4. Goals for the future

Let’s come together to share your magic with the masses and develop the brand of your (and your client’s) dreams.

Ready to create a brand strategy? Contact me here