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Five Ways to Support Your Friend’s Business On Instagram

Did you know there were 2.4 million black women-owned businesses in 2018? According to a study done by American Express, we’re the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America.

So, odds are you know a black girl running her own business. 

Though buying her products or services at full price is the best way to have your girl’s back, soloprenuers typically understand when you’re just not in the market for what they’re selling. Luckily there are still tons of ways to help your homegirl who is chasing her dreams – without emptying your pockets.

If you want to know how you can support your girl’s business, without spending money, then keep reading.


Of course, there are obvious ways to be a supportive friend:

  • Spreading the word about her services
  • Checking on her mental health
  • Being a listening ear when she needs to vent

Those are all at the top of the list. But if you’re looking for measurable ways to make a difference, then it’s time to turn to Instagram. Instagram is one of the top online marketing tools for businesses and its impact keeps growing every day.

In 2017 there were 25 million business profiles on Instagram. There’s no official word on how much that number has grown since then, but couple that with the idea that more than 800 million people follow at least one business profile on Facebook, then it’s safe to say that Instagram for business is pretty legit.


If my odds were right that you know a black girl in business, then there’s an even greater chance that she’s doing her thing on the gram.

Taking into account what we know about the Instagram algorithm, here are five proven things you can start doing today to make a difference for your loved one’s Instagram business profile – absolutely free.


#1: Turn on notifications for their posts
Get a simple alert when your friend posts something new to her Instagram business account. To turn on notifications for someone’s posts, head to their Instagram profile, tap the three dots in the upper right corner and hit “Turn on Post Notifications”


#2 Engage Within the First 10 Minutes
If you can, comment, like or share your friend’s content within the first ten minutes that it’s posted. If you can’t make it within ten minutes — because you know, you have a life and stuff, then still engage as soon as you see the post, it all helps.


#3: Comment with Four or More Words
Try to leave a dynamic, meaningful comment that includes four or more real words. That does not include emojis or acronyms like “LOL”


#4: Re-share their posts to your IG Stories
With just two taps you can help your friend’s IG business content reach an even larger audience. To share a post to your Instagram stories, tap the paper plane icon under the image and click “add post to your story”.


#5 Tag them in relevant posts from other pages
You can be helpful by mentioning your homegirl in the comments of posts that seemingly speak directly to their situation. Or, tag them if you see content that could be informative, motivational or even cautionary for their business.


There you have it. Five tips to prove just how dope of a friend you are.

Or maybe YOU are the homegirl with her own business who would love impactful help from your friends. You can share these tips with your support system and help them help you!


Just remember to appreciate everything but expect nothing. You’ll feel a lot better operating your business from a place of gratitude and not resentment.