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Is a VIP Design Day Right for You?

You’re a driven female entrepreneur who knows that a strong brand and online presence can make all the difference in growing your business. However, with so many tasks to juggle as a CEO, it can be challenging to prioritize and tackle everything on your to-do list.

That’s where a VIP design day comes in – a full day of uninterrupted focus on your brand strategy, design, or website needs.

But is a VIP design day right for your business? 

Here’s what you need to know.

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Who Can Benefit from a VIP Design Day?

If you need specific results in a short time

A VIP design day is ideal for entrepreneurs who have a specific project or set of tasks that need to be completed within a short timeframe. Instead of dragging out the process over weeks or months, a VIP design day allows you to get it all done in one day, with dedicated focus and attention only on you.

If a full brand or web design package is too much for your needs

If you already have a clear vision of your brand and website needs, a VIP design day is perfect for you. Unlike a full brand or web design package, you don’t need to spend time on discovery or exploration – we can jump straight into the action and implementation phase.

If you want a refresh instead of a full redesign

Perhaps you’ve already invested in brand and website design, but your business has grown, and your current branding doesn’t match your current vision. A VIP design day allows you to make specific updates to your existing branding without having to undergo a complete redesign.

If you have a brand and web punch list

Do you have a list of branding or website tasks that you’ve been meaning to get done but haven’t had the time or energy to tackle? A VIP design day is an excellent opportunity to knock out all those items in one fell swoop, with the dedicated support of a professional designer.

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Who Shouldn't Choose a VIP Design Day?

No brand strategy? 

If you’re just starting and don’t have a clear brand strategy in place, a VIP design day isn’t the best fit for you. It’s essential to have a solid understanding of your brand voice, target audience, and business goals before diving into a design day. Instead, opt for a 1:1 brand strategy session.

Starting from scratch? 

If you’re starting from scratch and haven’t invested any time or resources into your brand or website, a VIP design day isn’t the best starting point. You’ll need to have some foundational branding and website elements in place before tackling a design day. Learn more about my Signature Brand Experience.

Hoping for the full experience? Choose a brand & web design package instead

If you’re looking for a sweeping transformation and need a full brand suite or website, a VIP design day isn’t the best fit. A full branding or web design package is a better starting point to ensure you have a solid foundation for your brand and website. 

You’re not able to put a few hours of work in, upfront

A VIP design day requires some upfront work on your end, such as providing photos, copy, and technical information. If you’re unable to put in the effort upfront, a VIP design day may not be the best fit.

I believe that a collaborative approach leads to the best results for your brand. If you’re looking to be completely hands off, I not be the best match for you.

What to Expect on Your VIP Design Day with Bet On My Brand® Creative Studio

If you’ve determined that a VIP design day is the right fit for your business, here’s what you can expect when working with me:

Discovery Call: Let’s determine your needs for an 8-hour day

The week before your VIP design day, we will have a strategy call to align on the official plan for how we will use the 8 hours. During this call, I will go over everything I’ll need to get started and you will add them to your portal by two days before your day.

VIP Design Day: Focused and efficient attention on your tasks

On the day of your VIP design day, I am all in! With a steaming cup of coffee in hand and my trusty pup, Roxie, curled up beside me, I am ready to tackle your brand with laser focus. I will be locked in my home office and nothing will distract me from completing your specific tasks. No shiny objects or pesky notifications can come between us, it’s just you and me, working hard to bring your vision to life!

Communication and Support: Checking in, updates, and post-day resources

Throughout the day, you won’t be left in the dark! I’ll be checking in, sending updates, and asking any questions via Voxer or Facebook Messenger to ensure we’re on the same page. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging! I just ask that you be periodically available in case we need a video chat to discuss things face to face, but rest assured, I’ll be doing all the heavy lifting.

Once the day is done, I’ll send you a detailed recap of what we accomplished along with any training videos or resources you’ll need to take over. And even after our VIP design day, you’ll have an hour of post-day updates to use within 48 hours and 14 days of basic support on Voxer or Facebook Messenger.

With me, you can expect a personalized and efficient process with crystal clear communication and deliverables. My goal is to help you achieve your specific goals during your VIP design day and provide you with the resources and support you need to take your brand to the next level. So if you’re ready to elevate your brand, don’t hesitate to get started!

Invest in your brand's future with a VIP design day

Get those big wins in record time with a VIP design day tailored to your unique goals. Experience the power of dedicated focus and efficient execution as we collaborate to transform your vision into reality.